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Founded in 1907, Castilleja is the only non-sectarian, all-girls middle and high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Castilleja's educational approach is shaped by tradition as well as current research that affirms the personal and intellectual advantages of all-girls' education.

At Castilleja, there are no glass ceilings to shatter. Girls are equipped to confidently assume their right to lead. And, there are no limits to what they can accomplish.  


The new visual identity communicates openness, limitlessness, and possibility. It includes an evolution of their logo; an airy and fresh color palette; new typography, graphic elements, and photographic style.



Client / 

Mission Minded


Role / 

Art Direction

& Design


Scope / 

Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines



Photography / 

Leah Fasten

Portraits show Castilleja's community as diverse, confident, and joyful. Lifestyle photography sends a message of openness, limitlessness, and possibility. 

To emphasize a sense of inspired limitlessness, the view book's pages break out of the bounds of the cover. 

The school's new responsive website was designed to work on the Finalsite platform. It makes life at Castilleja accessible to its community while continuing to tell the story of possibilities.

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