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San Francisco AIDS Foundation

We’re Here

San Francisco AIDS Foundation is forging a bold and aggressive path that will lead to the end of HIV transmission in San Francisco. With “The Campaign of Health and Wellness, We’re Here”, the foundation aimed to reinvigorate movement and interest in the fight against AIDS, particularly among donors.


The brochure highlights the foundation’s plan and puts a face to the people it helps. Four different covers show the diversity that make up the community. San Francisco men’s portraits and stories take you through the plan and connect donors to the human story. 

The visual narrative is warm, inviting and inclusive. The photography has a candid street style by San Francisco photographer, Jamil Hellu.

Client / 

Mission Minded


Role / 

Art Direction

& Design


Scope / 



Jamil Hellu

The use of color, bold headlines and graphics add energy and optimism. The diagonal, in the foundation’s logo, is reinforced graphically throughout.

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